Raw mango is one of the healthiest fruits you can try out in the beginning of summer. At every nook and corner you will see a cart loaded with raw mangoes and it is indeed a bliss to see people indulging in this lovely sour treat. Raw mangoes are a lot better than the ripe ones. For one – raw mangoes help in weight loss while the ripe one contains a whole lot of calories, adding to the kilos.

Consumption of seasonal fruits and vegetables reduces the risk of many lifestyle related chronic health conditions. The summer specialty of India is the mango which is loaded with essential nutrients . Like everything else, it should be eaten in moderation.


A medium sized mango provides Vitamin A and C, fibre , magnesium, iron and anti -oxidants and no cholesterol thereby making it highly nutritious. It also has a medium glycemic index ranging from 41-60 making it safe for diabetics to eat in moderation.

The fibre , pectin and Vitamin C in mango lowers serum cholesterol levels especially the LDL which we also know as bad cholesterol.

Reduces Weight :  Raw mango is one of the best fruits to eat when you want to lose those calories. It is a lot better than the ripe mango which contains a whole lot of sugar to add to the pounds. For Acidity If you are suffering from acidity and chest burn, raw mango is the best fruit to put an end to the problem. Chew on a piece of raw mango to reduce acidity.

Morning Sickness It is only normal for pregnant women to indulge in pickles and anything sour. Therefore, this raw or green mango puts an end to that morning sickness. Gives One Energy Did you know, raw mango gives you a lot of energy.    raw mango should be consumed after a lunch meal to help revive one from afternoon drowsiness.

Good For The Liver The best health benefit of raw mango is it helps treating liver disorders. Chewing on a piece of green mango increases the secretion of bile acids and clean the intestines of bacterial infections.

For Prickly Heat Not only is raw mango good for prickly heat, it contains a whole lot of properties which helps you to not get a sun stroke. Good Food For The Blood Green mangoes are beneficial in treating blood disorders because of its vitamin C. Consuming raw mango increases the elasticity of the blood vessels and helps in the formation of new blood cells.

Constipation : If you are constipated and nothing seems to be working try binging on green mango for constipation. Chop raw mango and add it to salt and honey for a bad hard tummy. Excessive Sweating Drinking raw mango juice prevents the excessive loss of sodium chloride and iron during the summer season due to excessive sweating. This is another health benefit of raw mangoes.

For Diabetics It is also another good and healthy fruit for diabetics. Raw mango should be consumed along with yogurt or rice to cut the sugar levels in the body. Prevents Loss Of Minerals Eating raw mango prevents the loss of iron and sodium chloride in the body. This is another health benefit of green mango.

Dental Care The most important part of your body which many choose to ignore is the teeth. Raw or green mangoes is good for the gums. It also prevents bleeding of the gums, bad odour and tooth decay.


Inputs By Avni Kaul, Founder of Nutri Activania (www.nutriactivania.combelieves in a holistic approach to optimal living and considers other wellness factors such as sleep, exercise, environmental exposures, and stress levels to create an individualized nutrition plan. She does not believe in gimmicks or starvation plans. Which is why she insists on being called a ‘wellness coach’ and not just a ‘dietitian’). 


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